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American SportWorks® has been manufacturing and distributing off-road vehicles since 1967. We are proud to present the latest addition to our rugged, high quality, go anywhere family of products. The LANDmasterTM Crew Hybrid is the first true hybrid utility vehicle. Unlike other so called "Hybrids" in the market that are merely electric vehicles with a generator, the LANDMASTERTM Crew Hybrid has two separate drive systems; a 48V electric motor powers the front wheels (FWD) and a 653cc gasoline, V-Twin Subaru engine powers the rear wheels (RWD). What is truly unique about this vehicle is that when you need 4-Wheel Drive, the Hybrid has you covered. You may engage both the electric motor and the gasoline engine simultaneously. This unit also features a Regenerative Braking System. Unlike a traditional gasoline engine where the energy generated by braking is lost, this innovative technology enables ASW hybrids to capture braking energy from both drive systems and store it for later use. This same technology is used to recharge the batteries while the vehicle is operating solely in engine-powered drive.

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