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Videa John Deere Wheeled Harvesters True-Surface® Vibe V Vibratory Greens Rollers

True-Surface® Vibe V Vibratory Greens Rollers

Keep your greens healthy and smooth with the True-Surface® Vibe V Vibratory Greens Rollers! The patented Vibe V consists of 3 vibrating rollers custome-desinged to fit Toro, Jacobsen, John Deere, and Ransome triplex greens mowers. With the introduction of the True-Surface® Trekker, these vibratory greens rollers will also attach to your Toro Flex 21 and will soon fit your Jacobsen Eclipse and john Deere 220E-Cut walk behind greens mowers. The use of vibration allows True-Surface® to do more than simply roll your greens for turfgrass health, speed and consistency. The True-Surface® Vibe V is the least disrupitve method to shake-in sand topdressing, remove dew, and help eliminate sand bridging in aerification holes. A unique feature of the True-Surface® Vibratory Greens Rollers is the Select-A-Vibe Dial. The dial allows you to select the amount of vibration you want to pu tinto your greens -- giving you complete control! With the ability to increase vibration with 5 clicks, you can adjust your greens' condition to fit your exact needs with an energy increase of 20% per click!

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