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Trimax Flaildek FX - Front-mount Flail Mower

The Trimax FlailDekFX is unique in that its configuration can be easily varied to ensure optimum performance across a wide range of operating conditions. The FlailDekFX is one of Trimax's most versatile mowers. Trimax's exclusive aerodynamic Gamma™ flails reduce power requirements ensuring outstanding productivity and will handle everything from taming metre-high grass in a single pass to perfectly manicuring baseball diamonds. While it gives superb results on high profile turf, by simply adjusting the all new Trimax converter™ this mower can also easily be configured to excel in high growth areas such as those that can usually be found on roadsides or wilderness areas. The ease of this operation make it extremely practical for contractors and professional operators who may cover several different types of grass in the course of a day. With its innovative design and robust construction you can be sure that the FlailDekFX is up for the job in all conditions.

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