Video - Towing out the bogged potato harvester!

Videa John Deere Wheeled Harvesters Towing out the bogged potato harvester!

Towing out the bogged potato harvester!

The foreman, giving us yet another lecture about how casual drivers tend to be rubbish and don't have a clue what they're doing, especially when the going gets wet: "Well of course, I never get stuck, because the harvester itself also has powered wheels on demand, so I'm effectively six-wheel-drive. That's why I have that big rubber bar on the front of the topper, so I can push all of you fellas out when you get stuck. Which you will do". This is me towing him out, after he got stuck right alongside another of the drivers who'd just got his tractor and trailer bogged. And yes, it felt good! Filmed by Jan, the other tractor driver (who I towed out right after this).

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