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Videa John Deere Front Loaders The New Stoll FZ Front Loader from Lynx Engineering

The New Stoll FZ Front Loader from Lynx Engineering

The new FZ Front Loader features a unique and radical paralleling system for greatly improved lifting performance, a very clean, streamlined design and greatly increased driver visibility. Stoll's Z-Kinematic system utilises the latest engineering and manufacturing techniques. The hydraulic lines and the first section of parallel lift linkage are routed, out of sight, inside the loader arms, significantly enhancing the forward view from the tractor cab. By cleverly combining fixed parallel lifting design with hydraulic control, Stoll have achieved a superbly flexible operating system. The design offers the operator all of the benefits of a straight parallel lift (keeping the bucket at the required angle throughout the entire lift) plus the optional ability to further tilt and control the angle of the bucket or other attached accessory. A filled bucket is automatically tipped to 45 degrees and then up to 69 degrees as the arms rise to full height. This no-spill action is coupled to a gravity powered sudden-dump action for very rapid discharge. Older style parallel lift front loaders always suffered from cumbersome and unwieldy beams obscuring the drivers view. Stoll have overcome this problem with a state-of-the-art solution. By placing the parallel beam within the main beam, Stoll has dramatically improved the visibility for the driver. Visibility is further enhanced by the piston accumulator shock absorber being neatly stashed out of sight inside the loader cross tube ...

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