Video - The Destruction of the Deer Feeders

Videa John Deere Front Loaders The Destruction of the Deer Feeders

The Destruction of the Deer Feeders

The old cattle troughs at Touchwood Farms get destroyed using a john deere front loader. In 1995 I purchased the ranch in Virginia. Shortly after that time my good friend Billy French asked me what I was going to do with the cattle feeding troughs in back of the barn. well Billy, I replied I thought I would fill them with dirt and plant some herbs and things. oh, youre going to make them Deer Feeders Billy commented. Since that day the troughs have been referred to as the Deer Feeders. Some of you have been to the ranch and seen the massive useless cement sculptures I call the Deer Feeders. Now for the first and last time you can view the final moments of the Deer Feeders in a minor motion picture.

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