Video - The Broken Beaver Part Six

Videa John Deere Drills The Broken Beaver Part Six

The Broken Beaver Part Six

The Broken Beaver Part Six; A Vermeer 1800-A with a 110 HP John Deere, I Tech Motor W / Turbo, spinning a chipping drum a minimum of 2000 RPM's and the shaft breaks and becomes three pieces! That would make your woody job go limp! This is part six to a series that fabricates a new rotating unit for the tree chipper, Un wrap, the blankets and getting the shaft back in the lathe, checking out the run out caused by all the welding and how to deal with it! Moving on and setting up the radius cutting with patterns, cut out on the PlasmaCAM, then mounting in the flat pattern support, using the tracer attachment.


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Autor: Keith Fenner
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