Video - Swedeloader on a fendt- Extra loader for frontlifts

Videa John Deere Front Loaders Swedeloader on a fendt- Extra loader for frontlifts

Swedeloader on a fendt- Extra loader for frontlifts

This video shows Swedeloader. A complimentary extra loader for the tractors front-lift or rear 3-P. It is not meant to substitute a normal front loader but to instead be a cheap compliment for those who want to use the front-lift for more. Also works in the rear 3-P for those who have smaller tractors. Basically the equipment (extra loader) allows you to use your tractor of choice for higher lifts than you normally would with the 3-P or front-lift, making it a perfect compliment to the larger tractor without a normal loader. - 2-2,5m height (6-7ft) - Full parallell linkage - Lifts 1400kg - Hydraulic cylinder for full tilt/tipp - Supportstand for easy assembly - Good versitility - Fits all Cat.2 frontlifts To find out more go to The SwedeLoader products, tractor loaders, implements etc are protected by strong international patents on all markets, including Asia, US, EU among others . Any interference with these patents will cause legal actions

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