Video - Silage '11 - John Deere 7950 on Grass.

Videa John Deere Wheeled Harvesters Silage '11 - John Deere 7950 on Grass.

Silage '11 - John Deere 7950 on Grass.

Huw at the wheel, and our favourite 7950 is racing away with the green stuff. John Deere tractors from DanYRheol, of course, but with a difference. This time we see a Valtra! What, has DyR gone mad? No, they have two choppers going and are short of trailers so a friendly farmer hires himself, his Valtra and his trailer for the day. Valtra is a T140 if my memory is correct . . .

2011, danyrheol, John, Deere, 7950, Chopper, Forage, harvester, Valtra, Field, Silage, Carmarthen, Wales, UK, Cows, Cow, Farm, Farmer, Dyfed


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