Video - Revive your car battery (desulfation techniques) Part 1

Videa John Deere Utility Vehicles Revive your car battery (desulfation techniques) Part 1

Revive your car battery (desulfation techniques) Part 1

This is the first video in a series I will do on reviving your old, tired car or general purpose lead acid batteries. Part 1 is a basic overview of my setup and a beginning example of "proof on concept" as the two batteries I am currently desulfating in this video are a week apart in progress. In another video in the near future I will show my results at the 1 month progress mark for both of these batteries. In another upcoming video I will go into more detail on how you can easily purchase the parts to make your own desulfator and assemble it. I have already used these desulfators to revive a Ford F250 battery and a small John Deere Tractor battery for my place of employment. They wouldn't start either vehicle when they were given to me. The batteries have been back in service for a month without any problems since they were desulfated. Here is the link to part 2:

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