Video - Prentice PE-44 Processing / Harvesting Head

Videa John Deere Tracked Harvesters Prentice PE-44 Processing / Harvesting Head

Prentice PE-44 Processing / Harvesting Head

The PE-44 Processing Head (debarking head) is a dangle head designed especially for mounting on rubber tire harvesters and can also be mounted on track harvesters and excavators. The PE-44, with up to 650 cm (25.5 inch) cutting diameter, works best in softwoods or mixed stands with smaller hardwoods. The PE-44 comes standard with thumbnail feed rollers, providing excellent grip with minimal wood damage, feed speeds up to 5 m/s (16.5 ft/s), and the Dasa4 Control System, offering production recording, log optimization, and allowing the operator to customize the head operation to their individual applications. A complete line of Prentice processing heads can be seen at

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