Video - Operating John Deere 490E Excavator

Videa John Deere Operating John Deere 490E Excavator

Operating John Deere 490E Excavator

Big Iron, Inc personnel is inspecting this John Deere 490E excavator which is for sale. In this video you will see the excavator being operated and performing basic operational functions of an excavator. This is a 1996 model John Deere 490E excavator with 50% undercarriage. Pins are ready for a turn, rust in the frame of the undercarriage. Missing door and glass in the cab however it runs well for the age. Big Iron, Inc is a global trading company located in Jacksonville, FL USA specializing in equipment sales. Visit us at to learn more about us, our services and how to contact us. E-mail Turk for pricing of this John Deere excavator or for any other used construction equipment you might be looking for or looking to sell. Follow us on Twitter @BigIronInc Thank you for your time.

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