Video - NS 62A w/ John Deere Combines

Videa John Deere Tracked Harvesters NS 62A w/ John Deere Combines

NS 62A w/ John Deere Combines

With a heads up from two friends that this train came east earlier today on the Pittsburgh Line, I kept an eye on the ATCS to see when it would head south out of the Enola Yard, and around 19:00 it did just that, after the sun had already started to go down that is. So here it is passing York Haven,PA on the Port Road running restricted on track 2 due to a MOW crew ahead on track 1 at CP Wago clearing trees off the tracks from a storm we had earlier that day. NS 62A D9-40CW #9289 D9-40CW #9973 Sunday, June 6, 2010

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