Video - Muck '12 - John Deere 7530 with Joskin

Videa John Deere Muck '12 - John Deere 7530 with Joskin

Muck '12 - John Deere 7530 with Joskin

This was a story - wife and I going to Llandeilo to get some potatoes. See monster tank and JD tractor so decide to film it, as wife is driving. then see two more tankers on the road going the other way so decide there's a monster job going on somewhere. So forget potatoes and follow the Deere! Eventually we wind up in a field where I've filmed silaging last year, and get some goodies. We return after potatoes (and tea and Welsh Cake, of course) so that wife can do some filming as well. There's more than one, so beware . . . . Richard Lewis has to be the contractor though I was unable to confirm this positively

Tractor, John, Deere, New, Holland, hi, Spec, Slurry, tankers, Wales, Carmarthen


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