Video - Mowron (A Riding Mower Front & Side Lawn Video )

Videa John Deere Mower Conditioners Mowron (A Riding Mower Front & Side Lawn Video )

Mowron (A Riding Mower Front & Side Lawn Video )

I entitled this experimental video "Mowron". I came across the song Mowron and bought it to use in the video. So I thought it would make a good title. I strapped on my Sony DCR-TRV320 onto the hood of my John Deere Sabre riding mower...and recorded a 21:27 video clip of me (Mr Mowron) mowing the front & Side yard. I then speeded it up in my Casablanca Avio ST editing machine to a astounding speed of 500%. Which reduced the video to just over 2 & 1/2 min. I thought this would be an interesting clip to experiment with until the next time I do it which will be done in the Manual focus mode so as to not go out of focus as I did in the auto focus mode. My apology if you were able to keep up and noticed it? I hope you enjoyed watching Mowron. Thank You.

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