Video - Mini Caterpillar 4 wd articulating tractor

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Mini Caterpillar 4 wd articulating tractor

Home built articulating tractor my son and I built for 4-H. Many people have asked if we had some build photos This was a project that we started that seemed a little like climbing mt. everest. My son Evan and I started from total scratch with no plans, prints or drawing but with the dad having a little german engineering in his blood coming from a long line of Reinharts. We started with only some Steiner 525 axles and a used 3 cylinder 40 hp diesel and started the layout pocess. Trust me there is a lot of brain storming trying to figure out engine positioning, balance, weight, frame size, position of the hinge point and hardest of all I wanted the seat to swing with the front location of the machinery as this i not a full size tractor. I wanted to make the rear portion to include a feature that would allow it to tilt side to side si the machine would flow with the undulation of the ground. I also wanted to make sure that all of my other attachments from my Steiner tractor would match up so that I could share my existing implements. Everything is totally hand fabricated and painted by us for a 4-H project that was included in our local Hancock County Fair for FFA. We really was shooting for something to look like a Challenger, Steiger or a Versatile. Enjoy the videos!

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