Video - John Deere X749 Ultimate Diesel Tractor with 46" Snowblower

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John Deere X749 Ultimate Diesel Tractor with 46" Snowblower

Power * 24-hp, liquid-cooled, 3-cylinder, Yanmar diesel engine provides exceptional power, performance, fuel economy, and durability to handle commercial applications * Full-time 4WD; works in forward and reverse; separate front wheel motors adjust speed in turns to eliminate turf scuffing * Limited Category 1 3-point hitch available for rear-mounted equipment * Internal hydraulic PTO with multi-disk clutch pack o Soft, smooth clutch engagement o Longer disk life with continuous oil bath o No service required - disks are self-adjusting * Shaft drive output through continuous live transmission PTO; no belts to slip or wear out Durability * Heavy-duty robotically welded frame for the strength to operate a wide variety of equipment * Front axle is made of strong, shock resistant nodular cast iron; will not bend or deform, as is possible with steel-fabricated axles * Front Quik-Tatch weight bracket is designed into the frame o Provides a convenient way to add 168 lb. of weight to the front of the tractor using four suitcase weights o Extends ahead of the hood to act as a bumper * Optional front brushguard protects tractor's front bumper and grill from damage Performance * 4-wheel steer improves the tractors maneuverability and trimming performance; allows the operator to get work done more quickly with less backing up for improved efficiency and safety * Twin Touch™ automatic transmission provides comfortable two-pedal foot control for effortless speed and direction changes ...

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