Video - John Deere Tractors working and on display

Videa John Deere Tractors John Deere Tractors working and on display

John Deere Tractors working and on display

"John Deere Tractors" DVD available from Primetime Video. John Deere is one of the oldest farm machinery manufacturing companies trading in the world today, and its familiar green livery is known to tractor and machinery enthusiasts everywhere, so when the famous Carrington Steam and Vintage Rally featured the company it got an excellent response. Machines present included a number of Waterloo Boys, the company's first tractor, often sold in the UK as Overtimes. John Deere then launched its 'letter' series of tractors, and representatives of the A, B and C, or General Purpose - GP - ranges were all on show at Carrington, including early examples of the tricycle wheel arrangement that became so familiar on British row-crop farms during WWII. Representative machines from Mannheim factory of the German manufacturer Lanz, taken over by Deere after the war, were also on display, alongside post-war tractors from the comany's European and American plants. The change-over from letters to numbers and the introduction of the Generation 2 range is also covered. This film includes interviews with the tractor's owners as well as working footage filmed on farms in the local area around Carrington. Narrated by Alan Stennett, DVD 76 minutes long and available online from


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