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John Deere model 4230 Tractor Restoration

I completed the restoration on our 1977 John Deere 4230 tractor. The tractor is original to the farm, purchased new from Sichi Farm Supply. It currently has just over 3200 original hours. No major engine or mechanical work done. Just needed a re-paint, and some cosmetic repairs. Since these pictures were taken, I have also completely rebuilt the dashboard and gauge clusters, installed a new steering wheel, and rebuilt the steering valves. This is by no means a "museum quality" restoration, more of a "working" restoration. I use the tractor throught the summer season, primarily for hauling round bales and raking hay with our Kuhn 7822 dual-rotor rake. I would like to thank Joe Sustrik (owner) for allowing me the chance to complete the restoration, my grandfather Jim, and my friends Matt and Jeff for helping me complete this project. Enjoy! (all music sourced from the Creative Commons Library)

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