Video - John Deere M Tractor 1949 - SOLD to Mississippi

Videa John Deere Tractors John Deere M Tractor 1949 - SOLD to Mississippi

John Deere M Tractor 1949 - SOLD to Mississippi

Guaranteed to be as described below and call Robert Moline at The Tractor Barn if interested at 512-573-8359. (Keep in mind I'm 6'1" and it took a little bit for me to figure out how to climb, though there is a left step there but it might be better to climb on the back. Once on it was comfortable. And I did re-tighten the telescopic steering wheel after I shot the video. That is a self-tightening screw I forgot to re-tighten before I did the video. This was my first time on this tractor in the video and the first time I had even been on a model M.) Anyway this is a good classic 1949 John Deere model M antique gas Tractor. Runs all real good and all 4 tires are brand NEW Ag Co-op tires worth over $1000 alone that were just used when mowing 3 acres the last few years. They are still over 98% and ready for show. It's a good solid tractor and mowed hay with it last week. Everything works as it should, new fluids and no leaks, noises or smoking. 35 lbs. perfect oil pressure. The only mentions we see on it are one small tear in seat, the front axle has been welded so its not adjustable now but still all looks good, and there is a small hyd. leak under the seat area that can easily be wiped up with a small rag every time it has ever been used so nothing to worry about. Garage kept. It was painted 2 years ago and some 5-6 spots were touched up with some slightly different green and some of the paint is peeling on the oil pan so not a excellent paint job but looks good from 10 ...

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