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John Deere LA150 Hard at Work

I really ran the LA150 into the ground today. It was definitely the most work I had ever put the tractor to in the four years I have owned it. The grass was wetter than I had thought, thus making mowing somewhat tough. I put about 3 hours on her today, too. I put her through a LOT more than what was shown in this video, and I wish I could have taken more footage. There is a drain at the very back of my property that creates a swale of mud whenever water flows down there. When I sweep the lawn, all the clippings get dumped right in the pile behind the swale, and when I went to dump today, I got her stuck in deep mud several different times. I knew it was real wet when the wheels splattered mud all over my shirt. That really gave the transmission a workout! I think it's going to need the K66 hydrostatic transmission upgrade at some point in the future! I had a LOT of grass clippings to pick up, so I set the sweeper down about 2/3 height. I dumped quite frequently, too. When I finished sweeping, I pushed up the clippings into the top of the pile so they can ferment, and that got the wheels spinning, too. As you will be able to tell in the video, a front blade and a set of rear weights would be a nice addition to this tractor as well. My friend rode his bike down to my house today, too. When he left, I allowed him to ride his bike up the lane to get to the main road, rather than have him ride all the way around the block. So I actually ended up driving the JD up the lane ...

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