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John Deere Gator XUV 620i Fuel Injected

Choice of Colors * The 620i 4x4 is available in 2 color schemes: John Deere Green & Yellow or Olive & Black Reliable/Durable * 617cc (23 hp) liquid cooled, twin cylinder, 4-cycle Kawasaki gas engine has more horsepower for incredible power through any terrain * Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) on all gas models (620i) for superior throttle response and power; provides instant starting in all types of weather * 30 mph top speed (17 mph in low range) allows you to be more efficient, herd livestock, or cover a field faster * Increased acceleration for improved performance * Optional Speed Limiter™ kit allows full power and acceleration with keyed lockout to limit top speed to 20 mph * Advanced clutching with a tighter belt provides increased acceleration, smoother at low speeds, and efficient engine braking to assist descending down hills * Standard Occupant Protection System (OPS) with a passenger-side hand-hold and 3-point seat belts is SAE and OSHA ROPS-certified, providing rugged "off-road" looks and protection * 1000 lb. cargo box capacity, 1300 lb. towing and 1400 lb. payload capacity ensures you can tackle any task * Two-range CVT transmission for superior low-speed pulling and towing ability * Long lasting front and rear hydraulic service brakes with mechanical rear park brake provide an automotive-style brake system with a dual circuit for the greatest reliability and a smoother-feeling engagement * Hydroformed frame for unmatched strength and durability * Engineered ...

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