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John Deere F724 for sale

This is a very nice unit, Privatly owned and ONLY app 545 hours on the unit. I recently bought this at a consignment sale, and have fully serviced it. It is ready to take home and put to work. Service included all new drive belts, change oil & filter in the Hydro Drive and the engine. Remove and sharpen blades. Lube where needed. Tractor runs out well, and does a great mowing job. It serves as a Zero Turn, however is not a true zero turn, as it operates with a steering wheel, which is great for those intimidated by "Steering Sticks". Has a 20 HP Kawaski Water Cooled engine. Hydroloic Drive and steering. Starts and runs well, with no smoke. I have used it to mow a 3 acre lawn and another 1 acre one a couple times, and oil is still up to level. One front caster wheel tire needs replaced (if you want). It mows great and even with tire as it is. The Drive and steering tires are good. Some age cracking as can be expected on an older mower, but they hage good tread and hold air well for more info.

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