Video - John Deere - Agritechnica 2011 Hannover

Videa John Deere John Deere - Agritechnica 2011 Hannover

John Deere - Agritechnica 2011 Hannover

Here we have a video of the western side of the John Deere stand at Agritechnica 2011, Hannover. There is a quick look at various foragers and headers. There are also a few of the bigger combines, including an in-cab look around. The tractors will be featured in a latter video if you're following the playlist. Due to time and space constraints, some of the shots are a little rushed and not quite wide enough.... my apologies for that. It was very very busy on both days that I attended the show. If you like anything in this video... please consider giving me a thumbs up. For all other emotions... feel free to throw them at me in the comments section. Thanks for watching

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