Video - John Deere 9530 Tractor on 10-18-2011

Videa John Deere John Deere 9530 Tractor on 10-18-2011

John Deere 9530 Tractor on 10-18-2011

A 475 hp John Deere tractor operated by Gary Baert pulls a 512 Disk Ripper through a recently harvested soybean field. This day may be the last chance for a while for getting in the fields if the forecasted rain makes an appearance. I had hoped to find something nearby besides a combine operation. So I was pleased when I stumbled upon this tractor working. The USDA Soybean report ending October 16, 2011 had Illinois' soybean harvest at 73% compared to 88% harvested last year. Photo at:

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