Video - John Deere 316 Lawn Tractor, Part 2

Videa John Deere Mower Conditioners John Deere 316 Lawn Tractor, Part 2

John Deere 316 Lawn Tractor, Part 2

This is a used John Deere 316 tractor. It is in very good condition. Engine is very powerful, 16 hp. Has NEVER broken down. Always stored inside. No hourmeter, but probably 600 hours. Runs great. Regular maintenance always performed. Tiires in good condition; one has been plugged, other 3 are good. Hydrostatic transmission, no gears to shift. Has hydraulic deck lift, just pull a lever and it goes up. Also has front auxiliary hydraulics on front, for snowblower, blade, etc. (accessories not included). Belts are okay. Seat cover is rip free. Has bright headlights. It has electric start, just turn the key. It has a trailer hitch, for pulling trailers. It also has a 2 bag bagger, works great. PTO is electric, just flip a switch to turn it on. Used this mower once a week at old house to mow 2 acres. Now we have 6 acres, and it is no longer sufficient for our needs. To see the auction follow this link:

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