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John Deere - 2011

John Deere 2011 announces two new mowers to the EZtrak line-up. The Z645 and Z655 will provide homeowners with the fastest ground speed in the homeowner market, the highest horsepower available in a residential zero-turn mower, and an exclusive, high-capacity mowing deck. The Z600s will also offer a 4-year/500-hour, bumper-to-bumper warranty. "Our EZtrak mowers have consistently provided superior cut quality, and now with the new Z600s, customers can mow more in even less time with our exclusive high-capacity deck, and top speeds of 9 MPH," says Kim Ridel, John Deere tactical marketing manager. The new Z645 and Z655 provide commercial-grade construction and durability, for use in residential mowing applications. Both models feature a 27-hp John Deere 5 Step Cyclonic engine, which has been specially designed for the unique challenges of zero-turn mowing. The engine enhances airflow to run cooler and features a heavy duty starter, oil cooler, commercial grade seals and dual-barrel carburetor. Both the 48" and 54" High-capacity decks are stamped from 9-gauge steel for maximum durability, and provide double-captured gauge wheels, a reinforcement bar, and commercial-grade spindles for a long cutting life. The deep shell of the deck allows for enhanced airflow for greater clipping throughput and the smooth underside of the deck minimizes material build-up. In addition, the Z600 Series offers adjustable handles, convenient controls, on-board tracking adjustment tool, and a flip ...

John Deere, 2011


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