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Videa John Deere John Deere 17P hydraulic dump cart

John Deere 17P hydraulic dump cart

Custom dump cart to pull behind the lawn tractor. Thanks to Marc Delay and Gilles Frappier for helping me with this project! This is a modified John Deere 17P poly cart that I built. I didn't like the way the original cart dumped all the dirt on the back tailgate and I had to shovel it out to empty the cart so I designed this hydraulic lift and frame to do the job right. Some minor changes are required to perfect the project but right now, I'm pleased with it. The video shows it dumping firewood. I used this to test my design and fabrication skills. As you can see, it works pretty well. The hitch is removable and the cart can be pushed by hand around the yard. The tandem wheels help stabilized the unit. The box could have been set more to the back but, I wanted the ground clearance when it was tilted up. The extra steel and hydraulics didn't add too much weight to the cart. Thank's for your interest in my project! Dan Delay

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