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Videa John Deere Mower Conditioners How to Remove and Attach a Lawn Mower Deck -- John Deere

How to Remove and Attach a Lawn Mower Deck -- John Deere For detailed information about removing and attaching your lawn mower deck, refer to your operator's manual. You will need: wrenches, wood blocks, and a leveling gauge. Park your lawn tractor on a level, stable surface. Place wood blocks under the deck, to support the deck and take tension off the lift linkages. Lower the deck onto the blocks. Disconnect the linkages that raise and lower the deck. Remove the mower deck drive belt. Remove the wooden blocks and lower the deck to the floor. Slide the deck out from under the lawn mower. To attach the mower deck, slide it back under the tractor. Raise the deck up on wooden blocks. Lower the tractor's deck control and reattach the deck linkages. Then position the belt tension pulley and reattach the drive belt. Next, raise up the mower deck and remove the wooden blocks. To confirm that your deck is level, first check that all of the tires are properly inflated. Then, follow the instructions in your operator's manual to fine tune the adjustments on your deck linkages for a perfect, level cut. Double check that the gauge wheels are also properly set, so they are not riding on the ground nor supporting the weight of the mower deck while mowing. To perform maintenance on the mower deck, watch How to Maintain a Lawn Mower Deck: Find John Deere lawn tractors and mower supplies at Lowe's:

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