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How to Maintain a Lawn Mower Deck -- John Deere You will need: wrenches and wood blocks. First, remove the mower deck. For instructions on removing and attaching a mower deck, watch the video from John Deere here: Next, inspect the drive belt. Look for worn areas or cracks. Leave the old belt on the deck until you buy a new one so you can see the threading pattern of the belt. Next, lubricate your mower deck. Check your owner's manual to determine which linkages need oil. Then, turn the deck over and check for blade wear or damage. A dull blade needs to be sharpened. While this can be done at home, most homeowners prefer to have a professional sharpen the blade. To remove a blade, use a wood block to prevent the blade from moving. Then use a wrench to loosen the center bolt. Before installing new blades, you should remove any debris from the deck. To install a new blade, place it on the spindle, bottom side up. Then thread on the bolt and hand tighten. Lastly, tighten the bold with a wrench. Find John Deere lawn tractors and mower supplies at Lowe's:


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