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Harvest Time (John Deere Edition & Lyrics In Description)

There's peanut dust and corn husks driftin' through the air tonight The marchin' band's warmin' up under the football lights There's tractor-trailers backed up down by the elevator Train track grain car will roll in later Get filled up and head on out in the world (Chorus) It's harvest time in this little town Time to bring it on in, pay the loans down Fill our disel tank up, make another round There's a big red moon comin' up in the sky Combine's cuttin' in a staggered line The only time of year we miss the church bells chime It's harvest time There's a thermos and a water jug rollin' around in the cab A set of socket wrenches wrapped up in a greasy red rag When Bobby's mother pulls in the field bringing us supper We grab a bite and make sure to hug her Saddle back up and let the big wheels roll (Chorus) At a quarter 'til 2 I kick off my boots in the laundry room We'll start it all over tomorrow at noon 'Til it's all done until we're all done

Harvest Time, John Deere


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