Video - Greens Perfection Video Demo 1-4-2011 Mowing

Videa John Deere Mower Conditioners Greens Perfection Video Demo 1-4-2011 Mowing

Greens Perfection Video Demo 1-4-2011 Mowing

The best method for reducing grain and standing your leaf blades up for a true height of cut. 12 rows of bristles, for the highest brush frequency on the market. Combines mowing and brushing into one easy step. No need for a big, heavy separate brushing unit. Brush is offered in different stiffnesses for Superintendent's preference or brushes can be custom ordered to fit individual needs. Less damaging to the turf than groomers, while providing much more lift than groomers. The brush is located 2 to 3 inches in front of the bedknife, not ahead of the front roller, for maximum lift and immediate cutting of grass blades. Brushing can provide a dramatic striping of the green surface. A Great tool for offseason grain control, without injuring turf. Reverse rotation (offered on John Deere only) will pick up large sand particles and throw many of them into the front basket. Providing for a cleaner green. Currently fits all John Deere walking greens mowers and riding mowers, including fairway mowers. Easy to set height of the brush accurately with Accu-Gage groomer gauge

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