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Farming Simulator Platinum Trailer

Experience life on the farm in the all new best-selling Farming Simulator Platinum Edition! The new Platinum Edition offers even more realistic agricultural gameplay with a new assortment of Vehicles, Equipment, Trailers, Plants & Buildings. The new Platinum Edition also allows players to generate and sell their own energy with biogas plant, a solar plant, a wind energy plant & green houses. Put your farming skills to the test on your very own 1400 acre farm and enjoy the thrill of driving authentic modern farming equipment in your quest to feed the world! Breed, Feed & Tend to your vast herd of dairy cattle & produce milk to sell at your local dairy, plus your cattle produce some of the best organic fertilizer. Use your modern farming machinery in the fields to plow, seed and cultivate a variety of crops. With wise planning, management and hard work your resulting harvest will provide you with the financial resources to better equip your property and increase your productivity. Now with an all new multiplayer mode you can help your friends on their farm or work together to build the farm of your dreams! DOWNLOAD NOW at

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