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Videa John Deere Wheeled Harvesters Elder Ag & Turf - Ready-To-Mow Program

Elder Ag & Turf - Ready-To-Mow Program

Call 330-426-2166 and ask to speak to Service to schedule your Ready-To-Mow service today! Bill James, and Elder Ag & Turf service technician (John Deere factory certified Master Technician) walks you through the Ready-To-Mow Program. Ready-To-Mow is a 14-step inspection and service program that comes directly to you at your house! For your riding lawn equipment, the Ready-To-Mow program will: 1. Change Engine Oil and Filter 2. Change Air Filter and Pre-cleaner 3. Change Spark Plug(s) 4. Change Fuel Filter 5. Check Transmission Oil and Filter 6. Check Engine Coolant 7. Check Hydraulic Filter 8. Sharpen Mower Blades 9. Check Safety Systems 10. Check Tire Pressure and Mower Deck Level 11. Check/Tighten Hardware 12. Clean Engine, Battery, Radiator, and Mower 13. Lubricate Tractor and Mower 14. Check Belts and Mower Adjustments Ready-To-Mow is also available for Walk-Behind Push Mowers and Handheld Power Equipment. Ask the Service department about details! Get more details here:


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