Video - Deere 4850 drilling soybeans. 5

Videa John Deere Drills Deere 4850 drilling soybeans. 5

Deere 4850 drilling soybeans. 5

Deere 4850 plants / drills soybeans on May 19, 2008 at Greg Palaschak 's Lowery farm. Greg Tadej is at the wheel. This Deere "conservation" drill requires no pre-tillage. This conserves both fuel and soil. The winter cover prevents soil from wind and water erosion. This special conservation drill chops the stalks into mulch. The mulch preserves precious water in the soil and prevents sunlight from nourishing the weeds until the natural soybean canopy grows into place. The 7.5 inch spacing causes the natural soybean canopy to arrive sooner than otherwise possible with 15, 30, or 38 inch row spacing.

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