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Cab for John Deere Cabs for John Deere, John Deere Gator Cabs for TS TX TH 4x2 6x4 Canopy Roof, windshield, cab frame, Polycarbonate windshield Lexan We are proud to present the new Calmarc cab frame to fit the John Deere Gator 4x2 T-Series Utility vehicle. This frame fits the 4x2, TS, TX, and turf gators models from 1998 to 2011. The cab frame is made of 14 gauge steel tube, and powder coated semi-gloss black for a lasting finish. The cab frame mounts easily to the Gator using existing holes in the frame on 2005 and newer models. For 2004 and older Gators, a supplied adapter is used to mount the cab frame. This is a very secure cab frame meant to support our enclosures, windshields, and ABS roofs only. It is not a roll over protection system! This unit carries a full 1 year warranty and a 30 day money back guaranty! Installation instruction on video CD included.


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