Video - Baling Hay-Scenic Drive Through Nishna Bend -Bald Eagles

Videa John Deere Balers Baling Hay-Scenic Drive Through Nishna Bend -Bald Eagles

Baling Hay-Scenic Drive Through Nishna Bend -Bald Eagles It is Sunday Aug 14, 2011 and we are checking a neighbor's hay to see if it is ready to bale. Such a beautiful day to be out where the sky is clear and the air is clean and crisp with a touch of cut hay. It is ready so we venture off to get the john deere baler and case tractor in the mean time I sneak away and go to our recreational area nishna bend where I love to just sit and see what is going on. Nice little area with camping, hiking trails, and fishing. I even got a close up of two bald eagles that are in captivity because of injury. My new sony camcorder has a pretty good zoom in . If I can just steady the thing now should make for some good recording. Well hubby should be back in the field so I better get going . I rode with him for awhile while baling hay it was a pretty rough ride but I wanted to get some video shots and recordings of making hay in the hay baler. The process is quite simple if the john deere hay baler works and wraps the bales like it should, all went pretty well, got 35 round hay bales off of this piece of land. I did not last till the end cause really it wasn't the best of ride. A little rough going.. but worth recording , I hope you like this video and enjoy the views.

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