Video - Autonomous Broad Acre Seeding System

Videa John Deere Tractors Autonomous Broad Acre Seeding System

Autonomous Broad Acre Seeding System

This video shows the operation of a prototype of a fully autonomous broad acre seeding system developed at the School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering of the University of New South Wales, in Sydney, Australia. The system consists of a fully autonomous John Deere tractor attached to a novel seeding system well equipped with advanced controls. The entire system is driven by a sophisticated suite of control systems ensuring +/- 2cm (1 inch) path tracking accuracy (see clips in the video). In particular, the seeder has torque controlled and propelled steerable wheels that are driven based on the hitch point tension thereby reliving the tractor from pulling the implement. In addition, there is a fully automated seeding point control system that ensures seed placement at a higher precision. The system uses ConservaPak seeding ploughs. Note that this "proof of concept system" does not have seed and fertilizer metering units integrated.


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