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Anderson BioBaler European Demo Tour Spring 2010

With the usage of only one tractor, it's now possible to convert vegetal and woody biomass from 4 inches diameter into a netted and compacted round bales. Our « Biobaler » harvesting system cut, compact and bale woody biomass in only one operation. The main benefits of the BIOBALER are; Highly manoeuvrable equipment on any type of ground Almost any crop height (up to 25 feet) The main advantages of our BIOBALER are; Low power requirement Low Capital Cost Investment Low soil compaction Bale dry out naturally from 55% down to 20% MC Bales Transportion using standard equipment Biomass harvesting is suitable at : Short-rotation woody crops Fuel Reduction application Fallow land & Natural pastures management Management under power lines. Roadside cleaning Cutting down, compacting & baling, all-in-one operation! This is the most efficient technology with the lowest daily operating cost on the market.

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