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Videa John Deere Mower Conditioners 2009 JOHN DEERE X534 AWS Multi Terrain Garden Tractor

2009 JOHN DEERE X534 AWS Multi Terrain Garden Tractor

Power * 25-hp V-Twin, air-cooled, John Deere iTorque™ Power System (which provides more lugging ability, full pressure lubrication, even cooling, and durability) provides excellent power and performance, easy starts and smooth operation. Performance * 5 US gallon fuel tank with a large 3-inch fill opening located on the left fender makes adding fuel easy and helps eliminate spillage * Twin Touch™ automatic transmission provides comfortable two-pedal foot control for effortless speed and direction changes * Foot-operated traction assist locks rear wheels together for increased traction * Hydraulic power steering is standard equipment to maximize the benefits of 4-wheel steering that provides maximum maneuverability and an uncut trim radius of only 13 inches (with 54-inch deck) * 48- or 54-inch Edge Xtra™ Cutting System is designed to provide excellent performance in all conditions and operating modes including side discharge, mulching and material collection Durability * Heavy-duty welded frame for the strength to operate a wide variety of equipment * Built-in front weight bracket * Front axle is made of nodular cast iron; strong and shock resistant, it will not yield under heavy loads or impact * 1-in. steering spindles provide the durability to mow more acres * Internal wet disk brakes for quick stops and long life Convenience * Heavy-duty CargO Mount™ attaching points are designed into the tractor for easy attachment of optional equipment * Standard tool tray and ...

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