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2004 Blue Bird A3RE5600A Passenger Bus on - This 2004 Blue Bird Company A3RE5600A Motor Bus has been sold. It was up for auction with an opening bid of $150 and went for 92% off the original retail price! This former military passenger bus seated 45 passengers. The VIN for the bus was 1BABNBMA54F216531. The chassis serial number was 216531 and the engine serial number was RG6081H159869. The 6 cylinder engine was manufactured by John Deere Power Tech. It was front mounted, had an 81 in cubic displacement and ran CNG fuel. The bus had an automatic transmission with dual rear wheels. This passenger bus, located in Barstow, CA, had 26459 miles. The bus started and ran. To view a current list of available military vehicles and trailers, visit http today!

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