Video - 1998 John Deere 14SE startup and mowing

Videa John Deere Mower Conditioners 1998 John Deere 14SE startup and mowing

1998 John Deere 14SE startup and mowing

Starting it up and mowing some grass at my house, I got this mower from a friend of mine as a gift. It was on 3 wheels someone broke the bolt of the left rear wheel oops. Anyways got that fixed now by the john Deere people cost about 50 dollars going to take it in to get some more work done. . A Kawasaki FC150V FS01 5.0hp Air-Cooled OHV Full Pressure lubrication with a 12-Volt Electric Start system .rate comment When it was on 3 wheels after years of sitting in a shed put some gas in it check the oil its good, turned the fuel valve on started right up amazing one pull start. here are the features and specs of the engine enjoy. * Overhead Valve Design * Cast Iron Cylinder Liner * Dual Woodruff Key Shaft * Electronic Ignition * Dual Element Air Cleaner * Integrated Fuel Tank * Mechanical Governor * Automatic Compression Release * Front Exit Low Tone Muffler specifications Horsepower 5.0 FC150V-S31 Orientation Vertical Shaft Cylinder Head OHV Engine Type Single Cylinder Cylinder Bore Cast Iron Sleeve Crankhaft Diameter 7/8 inch Crankhaft Length 3-5/32 inch Shaft Detailing Dual WKeys - D/T 3/8-24 Aux. PTO Shaft No Gear Reduction No Air Filter Standard Lube System Pressurized Oil Filter Yes Low Oil System Unknown Charging System None Cooling System Air Cooled Controls Remote Fuel Tank Yes Fuel Pump No Muffler Yes Starter 12 Vt. Electric Weight 40 geez any lower and i would have destroyed those water hoses careful now

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