Video - 1936 unstyled John Deere A Tractor - SOLD 12/22. $5500

Videa John Deere Tractors 1936 unstyled John Deere A Tractor - SOLD 12/22. $5500

1936 unstyled John Deere A Tractor - SOLD 12/22. $5500

Serial # 434722. Starts and runs real good if not excellent and we have not waxed or detailed it. 100% New Tires. Paint at least a 8/10 or better and the Hood is in average since it appears to be original with some character in it and the only thing we really see from making it closer to excellent overall on the sheet metal. Has the original tear drop loop drawbar as you can see. Wico C Magneto on it which a lot of people like better than the Wico X and it has the correct DLTX-18 carb. on it. Among the restoration work done on it we can see it had then a new muffler, manifold and exhaust pipe put on then. Steering is real good and tight. Has a set of new Armstrong 11.2x36 tires mounted on the rear, and new Firestone 5.5x16s on the front. If a person were to go out and buy these 4 factory round spokes and mounted new tires and new tubes all ready to go youd be spending over $4000 just for all that. If someone wanted to buy these just for $4000 wed consider selling them at that but a better deal is to buy everything and the tractor too. Detwilers gets $3000 for new reproduction front and rear spokes alone, not including new tires or anything else. This is at Oxford, MS and can help with delivery quotes if needed. Robert Moline, 512-573-8359

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